EP #97 Money, Hard Work & Taking Things for Granted

by | Nov 18, 2021

It is often too easy for us to slip into complacency, to get too comfortable, and even hire other people to complete our tasks. Sure, this makes our lives easier, but does it make our life happier? Or more fulfilling?

Money and a lazy mindset have allowed some of us to lose touch with what life is all about. And a big part of that is hard work. Listen in as Evie gets passionate about holding ourselves accountable and the pitfalls of taking things for granted. 



  • Can money buy you happiness?
  • How taking things for granted translates into our society as a whole
  • The value of hard work
  • What are complaints of luxury?
  • Are you spoiled?



“When we continue to take all of the things that we have around us for granted, I guarantee we will lose those things.”

“Without freedom, all the money in the world doesn’t matter.”



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