EP #103 Raw Sugar: Looking Back & Leaping Forward

by | Dec 30, 2021

What better way to wrap up the year than with EML’s soul sister and best friend, Jen! Tune in as RAW SUGAR looks back on 2021 and discusses getting to know yourself through the transformative power of silence and the importance of having an aim with your goals. Hoping to light a spark for your New Year, listen in as the duo share what they love, what they hate, and reveal their final truths of the year.



– The transformative power of silence 

– Become a champion for yourself, by yourself

– Why we create manufactured personalities 

– Being awake versus being woke

– Goals are great, but do you have an aim?

– Our greatest currency is our attention 



“To find your spark of inspiration takes time for you to be quiet.” 

“If you actually listen to your small voice, to the truth of yourself, then you break that confinement. And that’s scary.”



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