EP #104 More Humility and Less Shame

by | Jan 6, 2022

EML Radio has humility and shame on the brain, and in this episode, your host shares how she almost allowed her lack of humility and an unbelievable amount of shame to stop her from getting the help she needed. Tune in as she explains why asking for help was one of the hardest moments in her life and how she hopes her story can allow others to let go of their shame and self-destructive behaviors. 

Why are you allowing shame to dictate who you are and hold you back? Get humble, release shame, and understand the potential and greatness inside you.



– Where is shame or a lack of humility holding you back?

– EML’s definition of shame and humility

– The more humble you are, the less shame you will have 

– People are not shaming you, you are shaming yourself

–  How shaming yourself is the easy way out

– Why a lack of humility keeps you from figuring out who you are



“Sadly, the majority of people aren’t humble enough to admit they need help, and instead, shame themselves into destruction.”

“The more humble you are, the more worthy you actually feel.”



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