EP #105 Want to be Fit? Do These Three Things

by | Jan 13, 2022

In the new year, everyone has fitness on the brain! So to save you from wasting your time, getting frustrated, and throwing in the towel on getting fit, Evie shares her quick tips to get you off and running and get the results you desire!

Listen in as Evie asks you to get clear on your why. Like everything in life, your fitness and nutrition goals need to connect to what is meaningful to you and what you care about most. Without this deeper reason, you won’t tackle the hard work and are doomed for the endless start and stop cycle. 

Tune in, shift your mindset, and join Evie on a better path to wellness!



– Fitness is just one piece of overall wellness 

– Why the bar needs to be raised for personal trainers

– Find your fitness why

– How does food help you reach your goal?

– One size fits all exercise does not work!



“All of those kind of big picture ideas that you say, like losing weight or getting in shape or eating better, they have to be attached to something that is meaningful to you, or you will never continue to do them.” 



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