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Super Bowl Menu Ideas & Tips

by | Jan 31, 2018

It is simple enough to enjoy the big game without blowing up your gut. Here are few healthy tips and a few of my favorite recipes to help you enjoy the game without feeling like crap! When making dishes for events like the Super Bowl, my “go-to” is to make the types of foods that everybody loves, but clean them up a bit. Some ideas include:
  •      Choose chips that are made with either avocado oil or coconut oil. Regular chips are dangerously high in omega-6’s and trans-fats. No need to geek out on the science here but you need to know disproportionately high omega-6 to omega-3 ratios will kill ya!
  •      Use gluten-free, organic corn chips in place of poor quality chips for nachos.
  •      Use homemade roasted sweet potatoes or white potatoes for “Loaded-Fries”…add lots of grass-fed ground beef, high-quality small farm cheese, olives, green onions, lactose-free sour cream and your favorite organic salsa.
  •      Stick to chicken tenders rather than fried wings. There are a lot of options for coating chicken that don’t involve grains. Coconut flour, almond flour or just baste with Frank’s Red Hot and roast.
  •      Meatballs made purely from beef, eggs, onions and spices. Roast in oven and then add to crockpot with a low-sugar option BBQ sauce (ketchup mixed with honey or coconut sugar is a great base and add your favorite spices from there).
  •      Load up the food display with lots of quality proteins and fats first. Ideas include uncured salami, pepperoni or summer sausage, olives, and nuts. Keep the carbohydrates to a minimum and of excellent quality. A wonderful alternative to boring vegi trays are a spread of pickled vegetables.
  •      Stick to red-wine, tequila or potato vodka. It’s the grain and all the sugar in most alcoholic drinks that are not good. Better yet…have fun without it;)
  Remember, one day of eating isn’t going to determine your health for the rest of you life. However, 80% of your immune system lies within your gut. Keeping your gut healthy is a recipe for health success!  

Curious what I’ll be eating on Super Bowl Sunday? Fill out the form below to download my favorite Super Bowl Recipes!

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