How To Look Good Naked

by | Feb 2, 2018

People workout for 3 reasons:
  1. To alleviate pain
  2. Live longer
  3. Look good naked
What’s your primary motivation for exercising and eating clean? If you say it is because you want to look good, it doesn’t mean you’re vain and if you’re willing to admit it, it probably means you’re fairly honest;) While my life is quite full, my goals are actually quite simple:
  • Have a rockin’ body
  • Achieve higher than normal intelligence
  • Be pretty darn funny and enjoyable to be around
  • Be a kickass mom
  • Leave a big mark on the world
  • Get to heaven
Taking care of my body, my mind and my spirit is what it all comes down to for me. I spend the majority of my time as a coach and a writer helping people discover what it takes to live a longer, more fulfilling life. This involves teaching you how to EAT, how to MOVE (pain free) and how to create a social portfolio that keeps you fulfilled throughout life. I figured I was overdue in lending some insight into what it takes to look your best. So what does it take to look good naked? I say naked because looking good WITHOUT clothes on is entirely different than looking good WITH clothes on. Just ask the sales gal where I was shopping a few weeks ago. As she brought items into my dressing room (which were completely contrary to the items I described I was looking for) she looked at me in a dress I was trying and said “wow! You have a lot of muscle. That is probably pretty nice until you try to get clothes that fit you right.” I’m not easily offended so I laughed it off and told her that yes, while it can be challenging to find the right fit around my back, the reward of looking like a frickin ROCK STAR naked makes it all worth it! But I digress and you came here to find out what YOU can do to look better without clothes on. It is actually much simpler than you would think but the majority of you are probably not doing the right things.

This Does NOT Work!

    Your body requires nutrients, and a salad with a few green leaves and a dash of vinaigrette dressing is not going to cut it. Sustained lack of calories will only lead to your body shutting down and keeping you from getting the type of physique you wish to achieve. It’s not about the calories, it’s about the nutrients. Excessive “cardio” without proper fuel leads to catabolic weight-loss. This means all that long, steady state aerobic work or fitness classes where you jump around the room may help you lose pounds on the scale, but you are shedding precious muscle tissue, not fat. This leads to “skinny fat” or what I affectionately refer to as “pancake batter ass.” You get the picture;) Eating less and moving more is the surest way to burn you out, store body fat and eventually lead to catastrophic hormone disruption, making fat loss nearly impossible.    

This DOES Work!


1. Eat protein for your first meal of the day and in every meal. Try some eggs, organic, uncured meats, greek or organic whole milk yogurt, fish or poultry. You need adequate protein to build muscle and protect it during exercise.

2. Remove carbs from the first meal of the day. Avoid grains like cereal, breads and oatmeal. This coupled with higher protein intake will also ward off hunger. 3. Eat more vegetables. Add steamed or raw veggies with olive oil to your lunch and dinner. 4. Workout with weights. Ladies, this is a biggie for you! I get it, you are uncomfortable in a weight room or you don’t know how to lift so you head straight to the cardio machines. I too used to be afraid of lifting weight and worried I’d get “bulky”. Get over it. Weight training is essential for a good physique and unless you eat like crap, or consume thousands of calories per day, it’s not going to make you big. 5. Get quality sleep. Poor sleep causes us to be hungry for high-carb or high-fat foods. Shoot for 8-10 hours if you’re trying to lose fat or build muscle. If that seems nearly impossible, aim for quality over quantity. Sleep in a cool, dark room and go to bed and wake at the same time each day. There is nothing wrong with admitting you want to look your best. You were born with the exact body you were meant to have to fulfill your purpose. Take care of it. Work hard to be proud of the body you were given. When your body is looking and feeling it’s best, you gain a confidence that allows you to shine!

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