EP #60 Ask for What You Want In Your Relationships

by | Feb 4, 2021

It can be an extremely frustrating situation to be in when you’re not getting what you need from the ones you love. But have you been asking the right way? Or have you been setting yourself up for failure by keeping silent and resentful? Learn about the different practices Evie employs in her life that have helped enrich her relationships with her family. Uncover some valuable takeaways so that you can also be able to communicate your expectations and needs to those closest to you in a realistic and effective way. 



  • Why you need to take a step back and assess the situation. 
  • How to create peace and contentment within your family unit.  
  • Learning to communicate your needs to your loved ones. 



“I just feel worn out. But the truth is, if I want to get really honest about it, I’ve created this scenario, because I’ve tried to control everything, and then I’ve really never stepped back and asked them for what I need.” 





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