EP #62 Stop Over Complicating Food

by | Feb 18, 2021

Looking for guidance in food and nutrition but you’re feeling bombarded? Especially in this day and age, we are constantly experiencing an information overload! But is all this data even necessary? The answer is no. In this episode, Evie tells you why you should stop sweating the small stuff and what you should actually be focusing on. Tune out all the unnecessary noise and get back to the basics with Evie in this episode! 



  • Building mental toughness through the Start Strong Program. 
  • Why they’re overcomplicating things for you. 
  • Simple things you can do that will actually work. 



“You’re not them. You don’t need to eat like them. You’re not me. You don’t need to eat exactly like me. You need to eat for you. You need to eat for your natural essence; the things that your body naturally craves and thrives on.” 



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