EP #63 Headaches, Loss of Smell, Censorship & Fear

by | Mar 11, 2021

In this episode, Evie dives deep into topics of fear, censorship, and the importance of living in discomfort. As she shares her experience of contracting the virus and the symptoms she experienced along with it, uncover what health actually looks like and what it truly takes to prevent yourself from getting the virus. Evie will also discuss the negative impacts of censorship that have led to the tight grip of fear among our communities today, as well as the dangers of living in comfort for too long. Tune in to uncover those truths and more in this episode now. 



  • The importance of metabolic health in fighting the virus.  
  • Risk factors in the severity of sickness and mortality. 
  • The relationship (or lack thereof) between the virus and politics. 
  • What role do masks play in the pandemic? 
  • How do we truly prevent the virus? 
  • How much can we trust medicine? 
  • The effects and impacts of censorship. 
  • Why we need to get comfortable with discomfort and fear. 



“I don’t diet, I don’t do crazy shit, I just simply focus on making my body as resilient as possible, and as confident as possible. So that when things come up like this, I don’t cower in fear.”

“When we respect each other’s opinions on both sides and we’re open to discussion, that’s how we get to solutions, guys. It isn’t by pointing fingers back and forth.”

“The truth in all of this is that you alone are responsible for what happens in your life. You do not know when the end of your day is coming. You never know. And so you better start thinking for yourself.”



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