EP #64 What Pain Can Teach You

by | Mar 18, 2021

Everyone loves to celebrate and share the happiest moments of their lives. But how do we process and navigate our lowest points? In this episode, Evie opens up about the passing of her father-in-law and shows us how opening ourselves up to pain can in fact lead to a happier, more meaningful life. Learn how coming to terms with pain and embracing it can stand to teach you important lessons that nothing else in life can. No more sugar coating or suppressing the pain that you’re going through, tune in to find out how. 



  • Learning to embrace pain and sorrow. 
  • The importance of taking the time to let the pain settle in. 
  • The lessons and gifts that pain can bring you. 



“I know full well, just how powerful pain can be in our lives as a teacher. All of the most painful times in my life have really shaped the strong person I am today. And I’m pretty damn strong. And I’ll tell you what, I’m pretty damn happy. And that is because I am not trying to push away pain. But I actually hold on to it and listen closely to what it is teaching me.”

“This is the kind of pain that you can’t manufacture. It’s the kind of lessons and reflection that you can’t manufacture every day of your life. So when we’re given these hard times and these painful losses, we have to hold on to them and learn and absorb everything that they are there to teach us.”



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